Chesnut Bay Community Amenities

Zip Line

New for 2016: Zip Line

The Zip Line at Chesnut Bay Resort is a fun thrill ride for ages 9 years old and up. Go from tower to tower 300ft and then transfer to a 100ft suspended bridge. You must be 18 years or over in order to sign your own waiver. If you are under 18 you must have your parent or guardian to sign before you can ride. You must  wear shorts and t-shirt or pants and t-shirt, also no wet clothes or swim suits. You must wear tennis shoes or choco style sandals that wrap around the ankle, a secure shoe.


New: 9-Hole Put-Put Course

The Putt Putt center is a 9 hole course built in a natural woods setting and is fun for the whole family. Even though it is only a 9 hole course, it is larger than a lot of 18 hole courses you will see. Surrounded by limestone and a running spring with a waterfall. It is a great way to get the whole family involved in a activity of skill and luck. You may encounter some squirrels, and chipmunks but don’t worry, they are more than willing to let you play thru. Please note that if you are under the age of 14 you will need to be accompanied by an adult.

On site Waterslide


Water Slide & Beach Area:
The Chesnut Bay beach area offers everything you need for a great day on Weiss Lake. The beachfront has been expanded, providing plenty of space to stretch out on the sand and enjoy the beautiful views of Weiss Lake. A popular feature of the beach area includes a 120 foot water slide that will thrill children and adults.The water slide is open daily during peak High Season summer months (10am-12pm, and 1pm-5pm). There are posted restrictions and rules concerning who may or may not use the water slide and the slide may be closed due to low lake levels.A life jacket must be worn at all times. You may bring your own Coast Guard Approved life jacket or RENTAL life jackets are available on a first come first serve basis.


Community Boat Docks

Lake Access Boat Ramp & Community Docks: Chesnut Bay offers guests a private access ramp to Weiss Lake.  Community docks include multiple tie off areas as well as stainless steel fish cleaning facilities. Lake front rental homes also include private docks.

Monthly Paid Boat Storage Units. Storing your RV, boat, trailer, or car has never been easier. Chesnut Bay features on-site boat storage units for community owners, frequent guests or area residents. These 12′ wide by 40′ deep storage units are rented monthly at a rate of $75 per unit / month and include overhead doors and skylights for easier daylight viewing. The units are private and easily accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Call 256.526.7778 for availability and more information.



Community Pool

Mushroom Lagoon Pool: The newest addition to Chesnut Bay, Mushroom Lagoon is guaranteed to energize your stay, whether young or young at heart. This pool has been designed to take you away from the stresses in life.The shallow end of the pool features a beach entry, allowing swimmers of all ages to easily wade into the pool. It is perfect for youngsters, or for a sit in the shallow water to cool off. A 9 foot water shower mushroom rains water down on this area of the pool. The opposite end of the pool features a waterfall that cascades off a rock wall into the pool. A water slide, accessed through the pool’s upper deck area (a shaded pavilion with picnic space) provides the perfect splash to cool you down.

Lake Villas Overlook Pool

Lake Villas Overlook Pool: The Lake Villas Overlook pool has been designed for both the young, the active, and those who just want to relax. This pool has a beautiful view of Weiss Lake and provides the perfect environment to take it all in.The Lake Villas Overlook pool is shallow on both ends and deeper in the center which is ideal for children or the occasional pool volleyball game! The bright blue water reflects beautifully as you, your family or friends enjoy the views and activity on beautiful Weiss Lake.



Basketball/Tennis Court

Fitness Areas:
Notice: The tennis and basketball courts are currently closed for renovations.
Chesnut Bay includes a fully lighted tennis and basketball court. Grab your tennis partner for a set, or a group of friends for a pick-up game of basketball.

Adjacent to the basketball and tennis court, our sand volleyball court offers everything you need for two players, organized groups, or pick-up games with other guests.

Chesnut Bay Fish Tales Amphitheater: Spend an evening under the stars watching a movie, listening to local music, or even attending a wedding. The Chesnut Bay Amphitheater was designed to bring people together in a relaxed atmosphere. Summer functions include Saturday Movie night, featuring family friendly films that everyone will enjoy. Check with the office for weekly movie schedule during the summer season.

Children’s Treehouse Playground. The Children’s Playground at Chestnut Bay offers the ability for youngsters to run, climb, explore and imagine. The playground features multiple slides, countless ways to climb and exploration areas to play. The play area is suitable for toddlers through children under the age of ten.

The Covered Picnic Pavilion Swing Park. The picnic area is in a large open grassy overlook of Weiss Lake and includes two swing sets for the kids to enjoy while you enjoy spending time together.

Rate Schedule
10/13/17-3/15/18 Off Season
03/16/18-05/23/18 Spring Season
05/24/18-09/04/18 Peak Season
09/05/18-10/11/18 Fall Season
10/12/18-3/14/19 Off Season